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Accountants Fees

Are your accountant’s fees fair?

We believe strongly in being very transparent about what fees are being charged and when. Wherever possible we offer fixed fees for a item of work rather than charging directly for time. As everyone’s circumstances are different please treat this section as a guide to the likely rates charged. Please feel free to get into contact for a formal quotation.

Fees pledge

  • Charges will be agreed in advance
  • Fees will be fixed wherever possible
  • Hourly charges will be capped in advance
  • No ‘surprise’ charges for a simple email reply or phone call

When quoting for fees, we prefer to quote the maximum it should cost, and give discounts if possible, rather than quote low to win your business and push it higher year on year.

Accountants Fees

Self assessment returns

Starting rates for self assessment returns are as follows for clients with good source records

More detail on self assessment fees

Personal Tax Return

From £250+VAT


From £375+VAT

Sole Trader

From £375+VAT

We also offer a HMRC tax investigation service, with fees starting from just £12.00 per year for personal tax.

Limited company and contractors

Fees for Limited Companies vary considerably due to the size and complexity of their activities, but our fees start at £850+VAT.

More detail on company fees

This covers:

  • Statutory accounts
  • Corporation tax return
  • Advice about profit extraction and dividends
  • Advice about improving records

Many clients opt for a comprehensive service to also cover:

  • Director’s payroll
  • VAT returns
  • Tax Planning
  • On going telephone and email support during the year

Fees will be set on a company by company basis depending on your needs but our typical comprehensive ‘all in’ package is £1,500+VAT for the year for a small service business which often includes a free director’s tax return.

We also offer a HMRC tax investigation service, with fees starting from just £25 per year for a small limited company.



Advice is generally chargeable based on a competitive hourly, half day or daily rate. Advice is generally in the form of a detailed letter, which starts at £300+VAT.

More detail on advice fees

Given the range of possible advice topics it is hard to give examples of likely fees. The best thing to do is to get in contact for a personal quotation specific to your needs.

It is worth noting a certain level of informal free advice is normally offered via phone and email, especially to regular clients during the course of standard returns being completed. For example a Landlord may discuss in outline the CGT implications of a sale of one of their properties with a rough computation provided over the phone.

Our aim on fees is to charge a reasonable sum over the lifetime of your business.  We don’t have a short-term focus on monthly or annual billing, so if you need extra help, you get it rather than a surprise bill.