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Working with us

How good is your accountant’s support?

Our aim is to be responsive to your needs and available to answer short questions via phone and email same day.

Whilst its great to meet clients in person, we tend to keep face to face meetings to a minimum to ensure our fees remain competitive. All our services can be completed remotely so we can act for you no matter where you live.

From a bookkeeping point of view, we will help you choose the right method for you, whether it be excel, cloud software such as Xero or other packages.

Key services

There are three key things we ensure:

  • Accurate and timely tax returns
  • The right amount of tax is paid
  • Support for your business

We recognise that clients value prompt responses to their questions.

James Smith

Accurate and timely tax returns

The core of our business is to provide returns services to ensure everything is filed correctly and on time.

more about returns services

A key part of this is seeking to identify and eliminate barriers to completion by:

  • Ensuring you know how to keep your records
  • Setting clear and realistic deadlines for you to send data to us
  • Providing help and assistance as and when you need it

Behind many a late filed return is a confused client unsure of what then need to do. It doesn’t need to be like that! We aim to break down barriers and give you clear guidance as to what you need to provide and be available to help if you get stuck.

From our point of view we try our best to:

  • Respond quickly to questions, usually same day
  • Turnaround your accounts in 2-3 weeks, not 2-3 months
  • Use latest software to keep down our costs

The right amount of tax

Our aim with tax is to ensure you pay the right amount, so you are not under paying and at risk from a tax investigation, or paying more than your fair share.  We will discuss with you every year both the expenses you have included and those you may be able to claim.

More about paying your fair share

Our starting point for tax compliance is that you are entitled to arrange your affairs in such a way as to minimise the tax arising, as supported by what the tax law actually says. This is not necessarily the same as what HMRC might like the law to be. Understanding the difference relies on our underlying technical knowledge.

Tax advice is the area where clients will see the biggest benefit of our services over the years. By getting to know you, focusing on key business areas and having continuity of staff we are very well placed to get the best out of the tax system.

Filing in routine tax returns such that HMRC won’t reject them is a fairly junior role. If you want them completed to minimise your tax bill in a legitimate manner, that is where experience and expertise really matters.

Support for your business

Often for our business clients we are the only professional advisor, and we tend to spend a lot of time acting as a sounding board, not only for the more obvious issues such as bookkeeping and tax, but also from a wider business perspective.

More about our support

James has worked both in industry and in practice, and has a broad range of experience to draw on to help your business. Moreover by dealing with a small number of business areas we tend to have additional current industry-specific knowledge, all of which contributes to the advice we can offer you.

The completing of a client’s accounts provides an ideal time for review, reflection and planning for the future, something that is often hard to do when you not only own and run, but also are the core business activity.  We therefore ensure all clients have an annual review with James as part of our standard service.  You can call us at any other time of the year too.

James says:  “As existing clients know, I aim to be direct and to the point and will try to address all key issues, whether good or bad. This may be something specific that can be changed, for example slow debt collection caused by poor invoicing policies, or it could be a matter of much broader scope such as an opportunity for growth.

I like to challenge our clients, suggesting alternative viewpoints to help work through new ideas objectively, with the aim of honing your plans and ensuring they are robust and flexible. I genuinely care about our clients’ success and take great satisfaction in knowing that I have supported your business in achieving its aims and helped in averting potential problems.”

Thinking of becoming a client?

For all new clients, we offer a free consultation to go over your current situation and assess your needs.

Usually the best thing to do is to get in contact giving some basic details about you and your situation, and a good time to call back. Don’t worry about telling us too much.

We can then discuss your needs on the phone, and ensure we are going to be the right accountants for you, following which we will normally offer a fixed fee quote for our services.

If you choose to accept, then we will then deal with any transfers in from other accountants, and other opening paperwork such as identification checks.