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Accountants for Landlords, Oxfordshire

Does your accountant really understand property tax?

We are the only small accounting firm in Oxfordshire to have a strong focus on buy-to-let landlords.   We tend to know more about both the tax and commercial aspects of property than most accountants.  By focusing we can deal efficiently with your tax affairs and give high quality advice to landlords for competitive fixed fees.

Our local reputation is such that we regularly take referrals from other Chartered Accountants for issues such as capital gains computations, undeclared taxes and tax planning for multi-property portfolios.

Our services

Compliance services

  • Self assessment tax returns
  • Limited company returns
  • Declaring old rental incomes
  • Tax investigations
  • Capital gains tax computations
  • Non-residents landlords

Advice and planning

  • Fixed fee tax questions for CGT, SDLT and more
  • Planning your portfolio
  • Ltd company vs holding personally
  • Property development and renovation
  • Commercial advice

Accountants for Landlords

New landlords

Are you new to being a landlord and need to make plans?  Or are you an ‘accidental landlord’ who has to complete a tax return for the first time?

More about new landlords

Our key services include:

  • Helping with your records
  • Getting things filed on time
  • Avoiding tax problems
  • Planning your portfolio from a commercial viewpoint

if you want to get in contact we are more than happy to offer a free consultation to get you started off in the right direction.

James’s first call with a new landlord is aimed at putting your mind at rest.   Typical questions include what records you need to keep, budgeting for your tax bill, and what you need to do to be compliant with HMRC.  As we are a small firm, even landlords with one property receive an individually tailored service.  As a landlord himself James can often discuss commercial aspects too.

Existing landlords

Have you been a landlord for a while but need more help?

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Typical situations include:

  • Holding property as a limited company vs. personally
  • Splitting incomes between married couples
  • CGT computations on disposal
  • Property development and trading
  • Worries about completing self-assessment tax returns correctly
  • Having an existing accountant with little expertise in property

It surprises us many landlords we speak to who get little useful information and advice from their accountant regarding their let property affairs.   It seems BTL is seen as an afterthought by many accounting firms, despite the wide ranging tax effects and large figures involved.

Non-resident landlords

Are you a non-UK resident with UK property?

more about our non-resident services

We have a number of clients worldwide who need to declare their rental income in the UK.  We offer a fully remote service via email and Skype no matter where in the world you live.

Our services include

  • UK personal tax returns
  • UK limited company returns including ATED
  • Registration for non-resident landlords scheme
  • Recovering withholding taxes paid in the UK
  • Declaring sales of UK property

We can advise not only on the tax and compliance aspects but also regularly help clients with more commercial aspects such as if you are being treated fairly by your lettings agent.


Undeclared Rental Incomes

Do you have something to declare?

read more about our help for you

We are well versed in presenting the “best face” to HMRC, whether you are under a tax investigation  or simply need to get up to date before one is launched.

As we do this regularly, we can take you through the process in a straightforward manner. By letting us mediate between you and HMRC you ensure:

  • Much less stress for you
  • Credibility is given to your declaration
  • You pay the right amount of tax, not necessarily what HMRC initially assess
  • You do not waste time negotiating with HMRC over claims you can’t win
  • Poor or missing records are properly dealt with, and expenses not just ignored
  • Penalties are properly raised and negotiated if applicable

Clients who are behind on their tax returns, or are under active investigation with HMRC frequently come to us in a very distressed state.  However once in our hands we can help you collate your records, fill in the gaps, and work out what is tax is actually due.  By knowing what HMRC will and won’t accept, we are in a good position to settle matters in your favour.

Service Summary

If you are a landlord looking for good quality tax advice and tax returns for BTL property, then do get in contact with us.  As we focus in this area, we are able to offer competitive fixed fees while working efficiently and to a high standard.

There is more here about how we work and about who we areand our general self assessment tax service.

We are based in West Hanney, a village south west of Oxford between Wantage, Faringdon, Didcot and Abingdon. However, we are not restricted to local business and normally work remotely with landlords from any part of the country, or indeed internationally for self assessment and limited company accounts.